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Ensemble Productions was founded in 1983 by Barry J. McConatha and David O'Shields in order to produce a music video for The Moderns, a local rock band.  The Moderns needed a video of their song Serve and Protect to send to MTV for their Basement Tapes competition. 

On a budget of pizza and beer, Barry and David worked nights and weekends on location in and around Auburn to produce Serve and Protect, the video.   The tape was submitted to MTV, and came in second in the regional competition, losing to the eventual overall winner.  David soon graduated college and  moved on, leaving the company in Barry's capable hands.

Since then, Ensemble Productions has provided premiere service to clients from Washington, DC to Dallas/Fort Worth, TX to Tallahassee, FL and throughout the Southeast.

EP's most recent productions have focused on environmental issues, including award winning programs on the City of Auburn's recycling efforts (RecycleAuburn), an overview of Alabama Water Watch (Living Downstream), and programs for the Alabama Department of Environmental Management and Legacy, Inc., Partners in Environmental Education (Water Smart).

Ensemble Productions' foray into the world wide web offers additional opportunities for our management and our clients alike.  Our name change to EPIENT, or Ensemble Productions Internet Enterprises, begins a new chapter for the company.  We look forward to serving our clients by offering more complete services and products.


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